Experiences shape and enrich a person’s life.  The jungle provides a host of rare experiences, giving people the chance to see, hear, and do things which they have only dreamed of.   Walking through the steamy expanses of rainforest exposes your senses to treasures most only get to see on television:  watching monkeys gliding through the towering canopy, viewing a caiman sunning itself by the river, or standing transfixed as a herd of peccary bounds by.

When you escape the bustling streets and technology-dependent existence, a whole new world opens up.  See what it is like to live in the natural world.  Meet people who live in the rainforest, extracting tools, food, and medicine from their surroundings.  Experience comfortable village life with people who are completely self sufficient and who do not rely on services such as electricity.  Hear their music, learn their culture, meet their healers.  Each interaction is a learning experience for not only you, but also the locals – dialogues between utterly different worlds.  Travelers see a different way of life, the locals see people who are excited about the forest and they learn the language of conservation.  The economic side of this exchange is another incentive which can inspire sustainable practices in modern villages.  This is incredibly important given the constant pressures of modernization.  It is our hope that our trips will open peoples’ minds to a better understanding of the natural world, and how peaceful the role of humans can be within it.

Shine your headlamp into an opportunity to get closer to wildlife than you ever imaginedstretch out your hand to greet a friend from a different world.  By joining one of our expeditions you are joining an adventure, a quest.  It is our hope that along the way, perhaps a small difference will be made in your understanding of our stewardship of the forest and its inhabitants.

The focus of our expeditions is constantly evolving.  At times we will be working with specific animal species doing intensive research, at other times mapping unexplored sections of forest, or working with indigenous communities.  Whatever the goal, we operate with the idea that our volunteers are not tourists.  They are instead ambitious people who want to join our team, and experience something new.  So if you are expecting a guided tour you are in the wrong place.  With Tamandua you will hold wildlife in your hands, climb giant trees, and explore on foot the most beautiful place on earth.

Welcome aboard!