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Sara, USA – Testimonial

I will never be able to thank Paul and everyone else involved in Tamandua Expeditions enough for my incredible experience in the Amazon Rainforest. Everyone needs to experience this once in a lifetime unique opportunity. One of Tamandua’s greatest aspects is that each volunteer works closely with the indigenous people to help protect the rainforest. The natives have tremendous knowledge on every aspect of the rainforest, and are more than willing to share their understanding with everyone.

What makes Tamandua Expeditions unique is that the guides are 100% committed to making sure he does everything in their power to make sure each individual gets to see the animal or plant they wish to see. I told Paul that ever since I was five, my dream has been to see a green anaconda in the wild. Paul made sure our group would have many chances to explore their habitat in hopes of spotting one. Eventually we saw one and Paul was just as thrilled as I was to have my childhood dream come true!

I highly recommend that everyone takes advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. There truly is something for everybody, and there is no other place that will offer you what Tamandua does.