Lee Rando

leeLee Rando grew up in Brooklyn, New York and got his first taste of the outdoors spending summers running around and camping in the forests of upstate New York.   Lee graduated from Loyola University in Maryland and began working in finance in New York City.  He has always been passionate about nature and after starting work did his best to experience as much as possible, hiking to the tops of mountains in national parks across the US, scuba diving in the Philippines, camping in the rugged terrain of India, and gazing upon the pyramids and deserts of Egypt.  He first went to the Amazon Rainforest with Paul in 2009 and came away in awe.  Having such an amazing experience and realizing what a special place the Amazon is, he wanted to get involved and joined Paul at Tamandua.  He is the Director of US Operations at Tamandua, helping to run the company and joining the fight to protect the Amazon.