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Kristy, Radford University USA – Testimonial

Being able to temporarily live in the Amazon rainforest was a life changing experience and I cannot thank Mohsin, Paul, and all of Tamandua Expeditions enough for making that happen. I was not really sure what to expect going in, but the guides were there every step of the way to make sure we had the time of our lives. My favorite part was to go out on morning hikes and just sit and listen to the jungle around me. Paul and Mohsin made sure that I had every possible opportunity to do this. I cannot think of a single thing from the trip that I did not enjoy and would travel again with Tamandua in a heartbeat. I learned so much from this experience, not just lessons that will help you in the jungle, but life lessons that will stay with me forever. Words cannot even really describe how amazing the experience was and I would encourage anyone and everyone to experience it for themselves.