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Kendalyn, Radford University USA – Testimonial

In all honesty, while I was in the jungle I was pretty homesick and was kind of looking forward to getting back home the last few days of the trip.  What I didn’t expect was that as soon as I got home I was desperately missing the jungle!  It’s a true statement to say that “you never knew what you had until it was gone.”  And that’s exactly how I felt about this trip.  I really enjoyed having all my boundaries pushed while spending a short few weeks in the jungle.  Even though at the time I was really anxious, I am so utterly appreciative of what it has taught me about myself as a person.  I also have “toughened up” from originally being a girly girl since I’ve been back.  Who knew that I would be so comfortable picking up frogs and insects and willingly be taking cold showers?!  But most importantly, it taught me how much more I should be appreciative of things.  Whether it’s the environment, the people around me, or the country I’m in, there’s just so many things reminding us how blessed and fortunate we are and how we need to give back to those who aren’t just as lucky.