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Kelly, USA – Testimonial

Before I went to Peru with Tamandua Jungle Expeditions I had not gone on more than a few cruises and a weeklong trip to Germany with my school. Needless to say, I was not much of an explorer of vast and untouched jungles. I thought that my inexperience would really prevent me from fully enjoying my trip into the Peruvian Amazon. I was wrong; Paul did an excellent job of having us integrate into the new environment. He taught us basic survival skills; I was actually surprised how second nature some of them were. Paul’s staff really made me like I was in good hands during the trip. I was able to get my hands dirty and see, touch, smell, and even taste things that I never thought I would in my entire life. Paul is a kind, passionate and friendly person that doesn’t mind just hanging out with you to play cards after a long day of anaconda hunting. After my month long trek into the Amazon, I can safely say that my eyes have seen a part of this earth that a small fraction of westerners have ever seen. I feel privileged and humbled by my experience and I would strongly encourage anyone who wants an adventure to choose Tamandua Jungle Expeditions!