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Johnetta, USA – Testimonial

If you’re looking for a get out of your comfort zone, get dirty, totally unplugged, life changing adventure then you found it!  This is not a touristy-resort led by stuffy, scripted guides.

Paul, JJ, and Roy were excellent!  The connections these guys have make this a very warm, inviting environment.

Paul is absolutely amazing.  His passion for the Amazon comes through in everything he does and it’s hard not to share in that excitement when you are around him.

JJ’s ancestries run deep and it shows through his knowledge of the area.  He has a talent for knowing where monkeys are heading and being able to call them over to you by making clicking noises.  It was incredible to watch.

Roy is an awesome chef who is always smiling.  He cooks with local ingredients and everything he makes is delicious!  Want to learn how to make juanes?  Just ask, he would be happy to show you.

The schedule is flexible making this experience suitable for everyone.  I do not recommend missing any of the hikes.  Each hike uncovers something even more beautiful than the last one – waterfalls, Macaws, Caiman, Howler Monkeys, Capybaras, Blue Morpho Butterflies, Pink-Toed Tarantula, and every beautiful color of snake you can imagine.

And I have to mention the Amazon Bamboo Rat that lovingly woke us up every morning with his memorable sound:  EH, EH, EH…Eh…….eh…….…! 

This was the most amazing trip I have ever taken.  So much beauty and adventure in one place.  Come with an open mind, prepare to get dirty, and have the time of your life!