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Jeff Corber, USA – Testimonial

Tamandua Expeditions puts you right in the heart of one of the most biodiverse regions of the world.  I was given the opportunity to join in a variety of exciting activities while also spending time learning about and discussing everything around us.  The experience put me in position to see incredible wildlife in a way I never thought possible.  From the moment I arrived, I began seeing animals I had only ever read about or seen on television.  It was amazing to be able to contribute to the conservation effort while enjoying the delicious food, beautiful surroundings and raw adventure.  Tamandua guides push you to challenge yourself and enjoy the wilderness fully in every way.  The team facilitates a real connection with the jungle and its inhabitants, and allows you to transcend the typical tourist experience.  I couldn’t have had a better time on the trip and only wish I could have spent more time in that fantastic environment.