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Grant, USA – Testimonial

I was awestruck from the minute I arrived. I am well-travelled, but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. The Madre de Dios region is a unique, untouched world of paradox where infinite chaos and order exist side by side. It assaults your senses and challenges any assumptions you’ve ever made about pretty much anything.

This trip blew my mind!

Paul Rosolie did an outstanding job of animating our group; he is a force of nature with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Western Amazon. The same can be said of his colleague Juan Julio (JJ) Durand, who, together with Paul, made the trip unforgettably interesting and fun. They both have a great sense of humor, and both ensured that every participant was engaged. During midnight jungle treks, you feel safe with these two around, despite the jaguar tracks and the outrageous symphony of noise that nature provides when the sun goes down.

I observed and learned about hundreds of trees, birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and snakes. Highlights included a Basilisk Lizard, Caimans on the Las Piedras River, Capybaras, Macaws, Blue Morpho Butterflies. I loved the river survey we did up the Loretillo River. Above all, I just enjoyed taking in the enormity of the jungle.

I would recommend this trip to anyone in a heartbeat. It was a fantastic experience for me which I would like to repeat. If you are looking for an adventure that will challenge your senses and your mind, this is it. You will probably be joined by a colorful cast of characters, as I was, that round out the experience!