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Esther, Netherlands – Testimonial

Coming from Europe, from a small, densely populated country, this trip has been an eye opener in every possible way. Away from the crowds, speed and social obligations, you enter a world of peace, color, scent and sound. All senses are on edge.

It is impossible to describe the impact the Amazon has on your entire being. The tranquility of the jungle, as well as its immense power is indescribable. This trip was everything I hoped for and more – breathtaking landscapes, impressive wildlife and being surrounded by a great, well functioning team of biologists, researchers and documentary makers who are a 100% committed to the preservation of the Amazon jungle.

My compliments go to the dedication and thoroughness of Paul and Mohsin. These two charismatic men feel what you, as a tourist, want and need and give you the freedom to shape this need. You can join the group, or take a long walk by yourself – everything is possible. Whether you come to see an anaconda, the healing power of plants or the intense feeling of the big picture, they make it happen. Empathy is a necessity of an effective team. Fantastic.

I felt like a fish in water and I even became stepmom of a little orphan peccary, called Panchita. And I loved it! Las Piedras is one of the most beautiful areas of untouched wilderness on earth. Behold it with your own eyes. This is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

I fell in love with the jungle and I thank you Paul, Mohsin and Gowri for making this trip so wonderful.