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Emily, USA – Testimonial

There is something so special about getting the opportunity to travel deep into the jungle, especially when it is with people who are so passionate and knowledgeable. Traveling to the jungle was such a life changing experience, I learned things about myself and a I found new passions (frogs). The jungle is truly the best classroom, and a beautiful place to explore. I had the chance to learn so many things, like the importance of iron wood tress and the vital relationship they play with the beautiful macaws, the medicinal properties of the plants and fungus, and so much more. Paul and JJ led us through the jungle, everyday discovering something new. From walking chest high in swamp water in hopes to see a caiman, walking through the inside of a fallen over iron wood tree, to holding the most beautiful snakes, and putting together the skeleton of a massive tapir on a rainy day. Another exciting moment was getting the opportunity to hold the beautiful Amazon Banded snake (Rhinobothryum lentiginosum), a snake that for years Paul had been hoping to find. This trip is an eye-opening experience, and I would recommend anyone to take this trip in a heartbeat, especially alongside Tamandua Expeditions. This will not be the last time I see the jungle, for I will be back to the place I felt at home, to discover and learn even more.