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Dmitry, USA – Testimonial

Tamandua Expeditions is fantastic! It’s a superb way to witness the Amazon jungle in its natural splendor. We got to visit small villages at the riverbanks and experience how the locals live. We also went deep into the jungle where it is practically untouched by mankind. We saw all sorts of native wild animals in their natural habitat: macaws, hoatzins, snakes, frogs, an anteater, five or six different species of monkeys, and caiman (I’m hoping next time I go to get a glimpse of a jaguar too!).

On top of these amazing jungle experiences the best part of Tamandua Expeditions is that you get to support true “eco-tourism.” By purchasing this expedition, one can feel proud of their support of the scientists, biologists, and photographers/videographers who work toward the preservation of the Amazon Jungle. You not only get a once in a lifetime opportunity, you also are helping to save this earth! Thanks to Paul, JJ, Gowri and everyone we met for the wonderful adventure! Can’t wait for the next one!