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Andrew, USA – Testimonial

Tamandua Expeditions is a tour guide company that offers a unique experience based out of the Peruvian Amazon.  From the time our research team landed in Puerto Maldonado we were in good hands being guided with ease from one destination to the next.  Our guides Mohsin, Paul and Holly were genuine and displayed passion for their work while accommodating the needs of each individual in our group. 

Experiencing the Amazon Rainforest is an incredible privilege, as we are not guaranteed the health or longevity of many parts of this biodiversity hotspot.  As Tamandua Expeditions continues conservation efforts I believe supporting companies like this and initiatives alike gives the world faith that we can directly influence positive environmental change.

The time I spent in the Amazon rainforest deepened my appreciation for spending time outdoors while emphasizing my interest in the ecological interactions of the local flora and fauna.  Every day was full of adventure from mammal walks in the morning to herpetology walks at night and swimming in between.  Everyone had the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone as far as they were willing and I count this a great aspect of Tamandua Expeditions. 

Overall if you have a love for the outdoors and are interested in discovering unknown parts of the world and yourself this experience is for you.