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Amanda, USA – Testimonial

I have dreamed of going to the Amazon rainforest my entire life, and my trip to Peru with Tamandua not only fulfilled this dream, but it was also my first time out of the country, so you can imagine how nervous I was! Well, it ended up being literally everything I ever dreamed of, and more. My time in the Peruvian Amazon with Tamandua Expeditions was absolutely life changing. This isn’t just a tourist resort– it’s the adventure of a lifetime out in real, wild jungle with amazing, knowledgeable, well-connected and passionate guides that truly immerse you into the untamed Amazon like you’ve always dreamed! It’s hard not to develop a deep connection to the jungle and all of the plant and animal life you will encounter out with Tamandua, especially with Paul, JJ, Pico & Holly as your guides. Despite how experienced and skilled they are in the jungle, their excitement and enthusiasm for everything you see and encounter is contagious. They will make you feel safe and in good hands and will empower you while out in a place that definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone. Roy is an absolutely incredible cook and all the meals I had with Tamandua are unforgettable. I not only want to go back, I NEED to go back to the Amazon as soon as possible, and it’ll always be with Tamandua!