Expeditions begin in the town of Puerto Maldonado for orientation. Team members will have a chance to meet the staff and relax after their flights and walk around the town.

“What makes Tamandua unique is that the guides are 100% committed to making sure they do everything to make sure each individual gets to see the animal or plant he or she wishes to see.”

The adventure begins at 6:00am the next day. Depending on the weather, the group takes a car ride for about 3-4 hours then an hour boat ride through pristine rainforest directly to the station where the group will settle into their rooms and get acquainted with the station and surroundings.

If the rain has been heavy, the group will go up river on Tamandua’s boat. The boat is a fun experience on it’s own, going up river, surrounded by rainforest on both sides where wildlife can be spotted on the riverbanks and in the jungle. The group will camp on the river side where we will provide tents and everything needed for a comfortable camping experience on a beach beneath the stars.  The next morning we arrive at our destination.

Once in the jungle our staff will provide constant support and take careful measures to ensure that our itinerary meets the needs of each group. Groups seeking a tranquil expedition into the rainforest for wildlife viewing and serenity will be perfectly accommodated. We also offer an intense and challenging program of jungle exploration for those up for the adventure.

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 And many others!

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