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5 Most Surprising Things about Traveling from NYC to the Rainforest

By Lee Rando

Next spring, Tamandua Expeditions will be hosting trips in the Amazon Rainforest. The expeditions will be taking place in the Madre de Dios region of Peru, one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet. But as you jet out of the concrete jungle and get into the real one, you’ll realize that New York City is a little different then the Amazon. Here are a few of the most surprising things about traveling to the rainforest:

You Can Live Without Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and internet connectivity are a staple of New York City life these days, but just a few short years ago these things did not even exist while the Amazon Rainforest has been around for millions of years. One of the best things about being in the Amazon is the freedom of not seeing a television, computer, or smartphone that has been so ingrained in our daily lives. Instead of being surrounded by Wi-Fi waves, there is nothing but green trees for miles and miles.  As the adage goes: there’s no Wi-Fi in the forest, but we promise you will find a better connection.

Mosquitos Do Not Attack You

When people come to the Amazon, they might think they will leave a walking mosquito bite. But in reality, the mosquitoes are really not bad. Of course they are in the jungle, but we operate our trips in primary rainforest which is home to a much smaller population of the pesky insects then secondary forest – there are so many frogs and other insects that mosquitos don’t stand much of a chance. Simple preventive measures can also be taken such as wearing pants and long sleeve shirts when out in the forest and spraying yourself with insect repellent. These factors combined, a person can leave the rainforest almost bite free with memories to last a lifetime sans itchiness.

It’s Fashionable to be Dirty

A cool thing about New York City is that everyone has his or her own style but in the jungle there is only one fashion choice – dirt. Are you muddy all the time? Of course not. But the difference between NYC and the jungle is that if you spill a glass of red wine on yourself when out in the city then you might want to go change your clothes, but if you are covered in mud in the jungle it’s all good – just keep on exploring.  Where else do you get to walk around with mud on you? If you are in a situation where you can, take advantage of that.

The Amazon is Home to More Species then there are People Living in Manhattan

Think about that for a second. One species, Homo sapiens, dominates the earth and there are over 1.6 million humans living in Manhattan.  There are more total species living in the Amazon Rainforest then this number with the estimates being: 40,000 plant species, 16,000 tree species, 5,600 fish species, 1,300 bird species, over 430 mammal species, over 1,000 amphibian species, and over 400 reptile species.  The big one is insects with estimates being up to 2.5 million different species (with only a small amount currently described by scientists).  With these numbers, the Madre de Dios region of Peru is one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet and it is incredible to be able to visit this special area of the world!

The Amazon is the World’s Best Natural Gym

Too many hours are spent staring at a wall in a gym so why not get your sweat on in those great outdoors? Rafting, hiking, swimming, climbing, exploring – the Amazon has a number of ways to get a great workout in while being surrounded by the biggest trees and largest diversity of life on the planet. Get out there and let’s get moving!