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Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

“You won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else. From family trips, study abroad, documentary film crews, to research expeditions, we have the experience and access to make it happen.”

We only work with local, indigenous experts. We don’t hire ‘guides’ to give ‘rainforest tours,’ instead, our staff has a deep and hard-earned knowledge of the environment we explore.

Our model is based on the idea that employing locals for jobs that protect rather than destroy the forest is an effective way to keep the jungle safe. That’s why our expeditions feel so different—because they are real. You are not visiting a place as a tourist, you are being invited to join us on our mission to protect the wildest places on earth.

Our Trips

Come with us and immerse yourself in the wild. Choose one of our wonderful expeditions to Peru or India!

Travel with Purpose

We offer meaningful, authentic access to the most stunning and vital ecosystems on earth. When you come to our field sites, you become part of a complex collaboration, a collaboration that depends on YOU.

Tamandua Expeditions a conservation initiative. It combines the expertise of local naturalists and international experts to protect threatened habitat. For you, the traveler, it is the most authentic way to experience the Amazon, India, and beyond.

Perhaps the best way to gain an understanding of what we do at Tamandua is to simply scan our photos—the images speak for themselves. Or better yet, read the reviews from people who have joined our trips. Or see our media section. From CNN, MSNBC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel—to the Dodo, Aljazeera, and the Guardian, tales of our conservation work have been globally covered. If you have questions, feel free to contact us and let us guide you to the perfect trip for you.

The Place Where It All Began

Winding like a golden snake through the heart of Peru’s Madre de Dios, the Las Piedras River is the longest watershed in the region. The vast primary forest cover makes this river a sanctuary for the superlative biodiversity contained in the surrounding national parks of the Madre de Dios. There are more birds here than anywhere else, more trees, more reptiles, and amphibians, and over 70 species of…

mammals. Jaguars, black caiman, macaws, anacondas, and giant river otters are some of the more well-known denizens of this region. But slithering through the shadows and vines are thousands upon thousands of others—many of which have yet to be described to science. The river is also home to a substantial amount of isolated tribes. In short, this place is a real-life Avatar of color, diversity, and mysterious culture. Our research site is nestled along this river, miles, and miles from the nearest town, isolated in the largest stretch of unbroken rainforest on earth.

From Conservation to Culture

“Vibrant culture, misty ancient jungles, and the chance to see the greatest, most endangered predators on earth make these expeditions unique.”

In India, we support the conservation of endangered Bengal tigers and Asian elephants. In 1900 there were over 100,000 tigers on earth. Today there are fewer than 4000 left. The jungles of Asia are shrinking rapidly, and while we hear often about tigers, elephants, and the other charismatic macro-fauna, the plight of the millions of other species that inhabit these forests often goes unheard.

Let’s Take An Adventure!

Our projects take place in some of the wildest places on Earth and are all focused on benefitting the indigenous people & threatened ecosystems in those places. By joining our team you not only make this work possible but become part of the family.